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Painter designer   Elina Tolstova


About me

My main task is to create a special and personal picture for you. I'm talking about you, people who have the creativity and aren't satisfied with the purchase of finished prints or hastily scribbled colors to the print.

After all, if our goal is to decorate the interior with the picture of your dreams, painting with entirely appropriate meaning, size and color, we must work together.

In our century of computer technologies there are new, unprecedented opportunities of creativity. Invariable is only one - my pictures are born in the old manner, they are created by hands and soul, oil or acrylic paints, but with use of the latest textural, metallized or shining at the night pastes.

Canvas can be ordinary - one painting, decorated by the frame, but it's hot volumetric modular composition, the so-called multi art panel - a few paintings on the high stretcher on which lateral faces painting proceeds. During creations a plot selection of colors and all kinds of displacement of parts of the image are made with the help of a graphical editor. Internet allows us to share our images and to discuss the created picture at all stages.

The work begins with the looking at the photos of the room where you want to hang a picture, we define together with you what and how will be represented, coordinate colors and decide what size will have our masterpiece.

Further we do on a photoshop the picture model in your interior to make sure that it will become its integral part. And only after that I get directly to work with paints.

In process of advance of work I show you what turns out. And only when we decide that it can't be better, I send you result of our joint work. So when receiving no surprises can be unless a pleasant shock of that in reality the picture looks much better, than you saw on the monitor.


Multi art panels

Classical still lifes and landscapes consigned to the past. They were succeeded by multi art panels. They consist two-three and more so-called 3D canvases of the different size without framework which settle down at different height and make a whole picture.


Delicate in the interior
Oil on canvas.
Savanna in the interior
Oil on canvas.
Portal in the interior
Acrylic on canvas.

Here you can see examples of pictures and read about them in more detail.


New portrait of XXI century

Portrait painting imposes to the artist increased requirements. Except external similarity, the portraitist has to display on a canvas essence of the person, his inner world, all the best that is in man. Here I try to tell in detail how it is difficult.

But there is not enough, the modern portrait has to be organic part of your apartment. Look at my concept of a new portrait.

But, of course, first of all skill of the portraitist is judged on similarity. You judge. Are they similar?


Demonic girl
Demonic girl
Oil on canvas.
Oil on canvas.
Little deceiver
Little deceiver
Oil on canvas.


Multi art panels New portrait of XXI century Order a picture




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